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Ready for an on-demand, dynamic, interactive learning experience to expand your perspectives and build the skills you need to do Big Work? 

The opposite of Big Work isn’t small work; it’s regular work – the work that we do and have been doing. Regular work is important and can help move things, but it doesn’t break the frames that constrain us.

 Big Work is frame-breaking.

Do you feel constrained by current frameworks and approaches?

Big Work is about the work that gets overlooked, ignored, or intentionally avoided. It is simultaneously comforting and uncomfortable. The work of Big Work calls us to untether the future from the past and to rediscover and reinvent ourselves along the way.   

Big Work is heart work, not head work.
It’s important to fortify ourselves for the journey.  

Ready to embark on the Big Work path?

An opportunity to expand your personal capacity to do Big Work.

The Big Work course is an on-demand, dynamic, interactive learning experience that provides tools and perspectives to support you as you do your own Big Work.

Participating in the Big Work course will expand your capacity, build your confidence, and accelerate your ability to do Big Work.

If we want to do different things,
we have to do things differently.


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