Big Work mobilizes our individual and collective gifts to meet the challenges of an evolving world.

It's heart work, not head work.

You'll find some practical tips and tools in my Amazon best-selling book, "Finding Time to Lead."   

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Feeling like you can't possibly find the time to do all of the "leadership stuff" required for Big Work?

Is it challenging (impossible?) to engage people in difficult conversations?
Does it seem like everywhere you turn it’s another dead end?
Are you struggling to get people on board for your big ideas?  

you're in the right place.

If you're committed to making the world a better place, to finding new solutions to old problems, or maybe struggling to make the difference you want to make -

learn how we can work together

My Big Work is to help people and organizations discover the courage they need to do the things that matter. I do that by partnering with activists and changemakers to help them create the conditions for doing their own Big Work.

Meet Leslie

Listener. Guide. Jigsaw puzzle lover.

Life is a quest, not a test.

Human beings are beautiful, in our shadow and in our light.

We are capable of more that we give ourselves credit for – both individually and collectively.

How we engage is more important than what we decide.

People are hungry for real connection and will lean into it when it is sincerely offered.

Humans have an unlimited capacity to be good and to do good (even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it).

I believe:

I’ll partner with you to guide you and your team through experiences that help you generate meaningful dialogue, align behind a clear purpose, form an intentional culture, and take action.

Alive and Well Communities Racial Equity Committee 
Community Development Corporation of USBank 
Gateway Early Childhood Alliance 
*Invest STL 
Missouri Hospital Association Health Equity Committee 
Washington University Academy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Current clients include: 

Past clients include:

*City Garden Montessori Public Charter School 
Metro Theater Company 
NeighborWorks America 
*Oberkotter Foundation

*Organizational Coaching – each year I partner with two to four organizations to serve as a comprehensive thought partner, providing deep organizational support that includes individual coaching, organizational development, strategic planning and/or training. 

What people are saying


Leslie has helped me see connections I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. She helped me take an idea that I thought was one-dimensional and turn it upside down so that I could see that it’s three-dimensional with polka dots.

I have found Leslie’s approach of empathetic accountability a great fit for those of us committed to social justice work but prone to the same human foibles as everyone else. She is an extraordinarily warm and creative person who is lovely to engage with.

Leslie’s has great positive energy and an ability to connect with a wide variety of personalities. Her ability to bring people into positive and productive conversation has been transformational for our team. 

Leslie was able to facilitate our group and then extract and reorganize our thoughts into exactly what we needed.

Leslie is warm and insightful and incredibly adept at taking complex ideas, tools and strategies and making them accessible and useful in addressing specific challenges.

Every time I share space with Leslie, I leave feeling more empowered, intelligent, understood, and clearer about something.

Leslie is an extremely dynamic speaker. She offers useful leadership tools and the opportunity to practice them. Our students left her presentation inspired and feeling like they each have the opportunity to be a true leader.

Leslie’s energy inspires me, and her honesty and contagious smile touch my heart. 

Observing the way Leslie navigates and facilitates conversations has opened my eyes to a better way of communicating – deeper listening, more sensitive phrasing, slower cadence… She allows herself to be vulnerable and honest in a way that encourages others to comfortably join the conversation.

Leslie asks really good questions. Good questions drive better conversations, and better conversations are desperately needed right now.

Leslie is a bundle of goodness and insight with a warm generosity of spirit and a wise heart.


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